Don’t Judge Me!

Imagine you’re a passenger in a car and your friend who is driving keeps running red lights and stop signs. You remind him that, aside from the fact that you could both die in an accident, it is against the law to disobey the street signs and signals. You say that if he continues in this way he will probably get caught, face a hefty fine, possibly have his license suspended or be sentenced to time in jail depending on the severity of the situation. You’re not judging your friend. You’re not condemning him to any sentence. That is a job for the judge if/when he gets caught. You’re just warning your friend of the consequences of his actions hoping he will stop breaking the law before it’s too late because you care for him.

The message of the gospel, the good news of what Jesus did for us is not one of judgement, but of love. This is the message that Christians want to share with the world. The message of God’s love to a lost and dying world. Since the first sin by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, mankind has been under a curse. We are destined for eternal death in hell for the rebellious state of our sinful nature against God, who is perfectly Holy.

No one has the right to judge anyone but God. Being the One who created everything, He is the ONLY One who maintains that right. We are never to pass judgement on each other and Jesus says that with what measure we judge, it will be visited back upon us. We as Christians do have an obligation to share God’s gospel though. We share that everyone, including ourselves, is guilty of sin. There is no denying that we are all imperfect people. We make countless mistakes on a daily basis. We can’t possibly hope to live up to God’s glorious standard of absolute holiness no matter how hard we try. So Jesus Christ, in perfect love, came and dwelt among us and died in our place in order to offer forgiveness for our sins and reconciliation to God. We have a choice to make. We either repent and turn from our sin, choosing to follow Him and live for Him as our God, or we continue on our own way, unrepentant, rejecting God’s only way of salvation through Jesus, ultimately leading to eternal death in hell. Hell will be for eternity. Eternal torment and separation from the God who created you and loves you and wants for you to choose life through His Son Jesus. But it’s our choice, each of ours.

That’s the desire of the true Christian, to live in love for our King, our God, our savior Jesus Christ and in love, share the great news of salvation with the world so no one will end up in hell. Sadly, many will and at their own doing by rejecting Jesus, the only One who paid the price for sin, once and for all.

So next time a Christian wants to share this good news with you, don’t think they’re judging you by sharing the gospel, they’re simply sharing with you the greatest love story of all. That God came down from His throne into His own creation and took our punishment for us so we could be saved and spend eternity with Him.

Please, choose life. Choose Jesus.

For more information about the gospel and how to know Jesus as your savior visit our page, How to know Jesus.

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