Genesis 1:1

Genesis 1:1 NIV
[1] In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Let’s dwell on that for a moment. That is a fully loaded statement right there. When you wake up to the birds singing in the morning and step outside looking up to see the clouds set against the curve of the earth’s atmosphere or when you look at a lady bug crawling across a leaf or see a butterfly with it’s intricately decorated paper-thin wings, you’re looking at the very creation of God. The grass on which you walk, the breeze blowing against your face, the warmth of the sun on your skin, the smell of flowers in a field, all created by Him for His glory and for us to enjoy and to know Him in amazing and awesome wonderment.

Think also about where the earth is, floating in the vastness of the universe held in perfect orbit at the perfect pace and spin rate for the right amount of gravity to not crush us but to gently hold us to the ground, and even angled at just the right degree to give us the right temperature and rotating seasons. The atmosphere is just the right mixture of gasses and pressure to allow us to breathe and live. Not mention how trees breathe in our carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen for us to breathe in. What an amazing design by our creator.

He created it all for His glory and our pleasure and enjoyment in getting to know our awesome God. And not only did He create the stars, planets, galaxies, moon, sun and this earth that we live within, He created us in His own image. He created us in pure love and joy. He created us and then gave us the earth and the animals within to subdue and rule over them and care for them.

God. The God of all creation. The one God of all the universe and everything there is. The eternal God that is outside of time. The almighty God that spoke everything into existence formed us out of the dust of the earth in His own image and breathed into us the breath of life loves us more than we can ever hope to understand. Even in our failures and choices of rebellion against Him, He loves us. Even while we were still sinners, He sent His only Son to the very earth He created to live among us, fully God and fully Man, and take the very essence of all sin upon Himself. Dying with our sins and failures upon His shoulders as He hung on that cross, He gave up His life to pay the price once and for all. He paid the price of death and separation from God for us so we could have the hope of escaping death and hell and have the hope of eternal life. On the third day after His death, the Father raised Him from the dead.

Jesus walked out of that tomb having fully defeated sin and death on our behalf in order to give us life. Life abundant. Life everlasting.

How do we pass from death to life then? We put our trust in Jesus to save us. We acknowledge and surrender to Him as Lord and God, repent of our rebellious and deadly sin and turn to follow Him. He will guide us and care for us. He will complete His good work in us. He will sustain us and be with us through all eternity.

The God of all creation who measures the expanse of the universe with His hand, loves us. He loves you. All He wants is your heart to fall in love with Him and follow Him as your Lord and God and loving Father. He cares for our every need an wants us to live with Him forever. He doesn’t want anyone to perish. But He gives us the choice. Do we choose our own sinful desires and the ways of this fallen world? Or do we choose eternal life, peace and joy in Him?

In your decision, take this into account. Jesus was beaten, tortured, and mocked, and taking the full weight of sin upon Himself, dying to pay the price that is ours to pay, He gave us the chance at being saved from sin, death and hell to live with Him in peace and paradise for all eternity.

Now that is love beyond understanding. That is the love God has for us.

Choose life! Choose Jesus!

You won’t regret it.

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