About Us

Created May 14th 2014, this website and blog was started to bring the love of Christ to others. We face many storms and trials throughout our lives here on earth and our faith is tested in many ways. It is only by keeping our focus on Jesus that we are able to step out of the boat and walk where He calls us. It is only with our gaze fixed steadily on Him that we are able to stay above  the waves and follow Him. It is also His promise to us that He will always be there, guiding us, helping us, and when we fall, ready to lift us back up again when we call upon Him. Remember, it was only when Peter called upon the Lord to save Him that Jesus reached out and pulled him back to his feet.

Jesus’ love for us is beyond our ability to comprehend. That our Lord, the creator of the universe and all that there is, down to the smallest spot within an atom’s nucleus, loves us so much that He would come down from His throne in Heaven and die a sinner’s death for us upon a cross. He came to pay a debt He did not owe, our debt. He loves us so much that He took our shame and punishment upon Himself so we could have the chance at being reconciled to God.

But it’s still our choice to make. Will you choose to follow God, who loves you more than you could ever hope to understand? Or will you continue on the path to destruction and death, following your own footsteps wandering in a wilderness? Will you stay in the boat? Or will you venture out upon the waves of life and follow His footsteps on the water?

I pray that you choose the latter. Choose Jesus, because He chose to die for you.